Thank you for visiting My name is Bhasmank Maheta, your resident Hindu Priest living in London United Kingdom.

Please read About Me to learn of my travels and experiences as a Hindu Priest. For now, I will talk about My Aim, Sanskars and Astrology PLUS my passion for writing Short Stories.

Remember those awkward moments when you ask your parents a question on Hinduism or for that matter, your children asking you? Without success? Well, despair not. Regular visits here is all you need to do. And ... Here, An Open Invitation:

If the information you are seeking on Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism for the some!) is not herein, just ask.

My Aim

I perform Hindu Ceremonies plus offer Astrological solutions in a manner to help you understand the Why’s and What For's of the actions undertaken by a Hindu Priest.

Volumes have been written on How? Where? And When we do? Seldom on Why? Or What For? I now have an obliging young man named Mitesh Patel putting all that I know ‘Under One Roof’, in a manner of speaking.

There is so much knowledge to squeeze in all the Hindu Ceremonies that each one has a different explanation, often “Tailor Made” without altering the order of the ceremonial criteria. Ah! Yes, including the Luscious Hindu Weddings. One of the primary reasons why I request everyone to Observe Total Silence.

Please remember, you, the Host will meticulously arrange this very special occasion extending a very special invitation to a very few especially selected nearest and dearest. The most commendable selection therein is a Selection of your very own Hindu Priest, Bhasmank Maheta, to explain and talk on the subject in English, Gujarati or Hindi. This can only be that Icing On Your Cake.


According to Sanatan Dharma, (Hindu Religion as otherwise or more commonly known!) there are SIXTEEN* primary reasons to seek spiritual services of a Hindu Priest. These were created to help resolve any given scenario in one’s life. Surprisingly, this statement aptly applies even today. Yes, even in the 21st Century and will continue for many more centuries to come.

*According to Manu Smruti (2/27), there were 12 Sanskars (A Process of Purification). More ….


Fascinating, Informative but above all, An Eye Opener. Best way to Solidify a Relationship. More on the subject can be found in Lagna (Hindu Wedding) as well as Astrology.

Be Safe, Be Blessed but above all
Be Nice To One Next To You - Always!